Williams Playing Cards

If you are a playing cards designer, company or kickstarter salesman and are looking for a way to promote your deck you have come to the perfect place!


Williams Playing Cards is a YouTube channel completely dedicated to displaying playing cards. The videos on my channel give a great indication of what a certain deck or cards looks like. You are looking at a channel that does not commentate on the deck, meaning that the video is safe to use for kickstarter or other sales pages.


To get an idea of what kind of video's I am talking about, I included the video for the Black Rose deck by Bicycle.



Purely from a salesmans perspective it would be a smart move to have your deck displayed by a trusted producer with a fair bit of experience, but there are more ways in which Williams Playing Cards can boost the overall sales performance of your deck.


Special delivery for Playing Cards Enthousiasts

When a video of your deck gets posted on the Williams Playing Cards YouTube channel, they also appear in the subscription box of all the channel's subscribers (the current number of subscribers can be seen below). These are all playing card lovers, which means that if you would look at the video some kind of ad, your ad would be shown only to your desired target audience, significantly increasing the sale/view-ratio and share/view-ratio of the 'ad'.



Become more interesting for webshops

Every webshop likes to supply visual content of their products to increase their sales. A video such as the one shown earlyer is perfect for this since every vidual aspect of the deck is shown in a relativesly short period of time. An accessory advantage of using a video insted of just photos comes with decks printed with metallic inc or foil. It is often difficult to capture the 'shiny' effect of the deck on photo's, this does not apply for videos as you can see in the foolwing video of the Metalluxe - Crimson deck by Bicycle.



Advertising on other video's

I cannot yet offer this feature due to the limited amount of overall views we are currently having. Later it will be possible to tease your video in all other videos for a period. Check back later!



Having your deck in a video is completely free, all you have to do is of course send the samples to Williams Playing Cards (located in the Netherlands).


Are you interested or do you have any additional questions? Fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you shortly.