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Welcome to my collective website!


My name is Willem Klok, I am founder and owner of the following initiatives:


I used to have separate websites for some of these initiatives but I have decided to make a single website that is able to host all of them.


This website's main purpose is to host files from The Excel-Universe and CW Piano, but it is also the place where I settled my donation pages.


I am currently a Sustainable Energy Student on a University in the Netherlands, as I am not working full-time, it means that I've got some spare time to spent on creating content. This does also mean that I do not have a steady income source which can sometimes be challenging. This is why I've setup these donation pages.


Below you will find links to the pages of my initiatives, this is where you will find some information as well as a donation section.

If you are looking to contact me, press the 'contact'-button on the right.


Thanks for visiting!

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