Welcome to my collective website!

My name is Willem Klok, I am founder and owner of the following initiatives:

YouTube channels for League of legends gameplay

Here I upload gameplay to be used as a helpful tool to improve at one of my favourite games: League of Legends. Occasionally, I make commentary videos to help others improve and learn!

I have a channel for gameplay on the less popular Twisted Treeline map, and gameplay on the main map; Summoners rift.

YouTube channel for Microsoft Excel sheets

Whenever I make a mildly complex calculation in Microsoft Excel that might be useful to others, I make a video out if it that I upload to YouTube. With the video, viewers are given the ability to download the sheet for their own use.

YouTube channel for Playing Cards

I used to be an active collector of quality playing cards, making extensive videos showing all aspects of the decks I bought. For financial reasons, this hobby and the YouTube channel are brought to a temporary hold.

Made possible by:

Mauro Bortoletto



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Website for all things 'green'

A website I'm working on that provides information to people who are looking to live a more sustainable life.

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