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As the owner of several YouTube channels that use links to guide viewers to files or images, it's not more than  fair to explain how it works and how much I actually earn from it.

So, as you might have noticed, I chose to use to manage my links. Reason for this is their simple interface and their highest ppv (pay-per-view)-ratio. You might have had some less pleasant experiences with this organization, as they also supply some nasty website scripts that make an ad pop up once a visitor clicks anywhere on your website (you won't find these here).

But how much do I actually make from clicks?

Well, it's not much. For comparison, my You-Tube channels currently generate about 15 times more ad revenue than the links do in the same week. The image below shows a graph that visualises my earnings (left side of the graph) in relation to the views (right side of the graph). You can click the image to show a larger version.

I still prefer using a link-shortener like this one over using mid-video ads to generate a little extra revenue. This is because one: you actually get something 'exclusive' when clicking the link and two: you can still gerenate some revenue over ad-block users (although it's much less then visitors that don't use ad-block).

Something I like about is that when someone uses an ad-blocker, you can set the wait time to be doubled whilst kindly requestion the visitor to turn off their ad-blocker for this website. If you like, you can even make it that people that use an ad-blocker won't get acces to the target file at all!

If you think you have  a platform that could make some serious money from shortening links, I think is you best bet. You can find their website here:

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