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On this page, I will show you exactly why my YouTube videos are an ideal way to provide customers with all the information they would need when choosing a deck of playing cards. I would like to do this firstly by simply showing you one of the video's that were made in my most recent and actual editing style.

Notice how this short video shows all the visual aspects of the deck in a way a series of photos would never be able to do.

For instance, the shiny backside of this deck is hard to capture on a single image. The video shows this extremely well.

Also, you might have noticed that there is music and no talking. This means that the potential customer can form his own opinion about the deck. There is no language barrier because there is no language used.

A possible problem that you might have had with the video is the actual music. Since some companies would like to auto-play the videos it seems more then logical that it might cause quite some annoyance that music starts playing every time someone opens up a new product page.

This is why I am supplying a nice script that can be modified to best fit your web shop. These things can be modified:

Result of this script:

The video ID tells the script which video to show. The video-ID can be obtained by copying it from the browser link:

Doing this for your entire web shop would require you to look up quite a few videos which costs time and thus money. An easier way is to go to this sheet, where you can find all deck names and their video ID's in one click!

There are two scripts you can download: with or without music. Remember, you can still chance all the other aspects to your liking. Click the buttons here to download the script.

You should now have all the tools to integrate the video's in your site. I highly recommend filling in the form below if you are going to do so. Reason for this is that sometimes video's need an update or there has been a copyright strike and they need to be re-uploaded. This means that the video-ID changes. You can also apply for the mailing list: once a while we send around a list with decks that have been added to the video collection that week. This way, you will always be the first one to notice!

Please send us a heads-up when a video-ID has been updated
We would like to receive a list with newly added videos every week.

Still not convinced? Here is a short summary of why these video's are the best videos for any website:

  • Every video is in the same style, this will look a lot more professional than all kinds of different videos.
  • The video thumbnails are all in the same style. They also look great as an image when the video is not playing!
  • This video is specifically aimed at companies due to the absence of a 'reviewer', they only supply product information.
  • Videos are in FULL HD and captured at 60 FPS, ensuring the best quality to be able to display every detail of a deck.
  • The best experience: you will be kept up to date and you won't have to wonder around your website to see if everything is still working.
  • You do not have to look for videos on YouTube. All information is being collected at an up-to-date sheet
  • Videos are short but show everything. Review video's often take much longer to do the same thing.
  • We supply the complete package, the coding and collecting of video-ID's has already been done for you.

Any questions? Mail them to the following addres: WilliamsPlayingCards@CWNetwork.one

Hope to hear from you soon!

Willem Klok - Founder and owner of Williams Playing Cards.