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League of Legends Twisted Treeline 3v3

Welcome to the 3v3 Twisted Treeline Ranked High Elo Gameplay webpage!

Below, you will find two video types: Tutorials or Guides, and Replays. The Guide-videos will help you understand and improve on your gameplay on this League of Legends map. The Replay-videos are here for entertainment, but can also be used to acquire builds, runes and general game knowledge.

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Video Guides (Treeline Tutorials)

This is a playlist of all the Tutorials or Guides regarding the Twisted Treeline I’ve made so far. They inform you about different strategies, metas and map elements. The mastery-icon used in the thumbnail represents the level of difficulty.

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Spectator Videos (High Elo Treeline Gameplay)

These are all the Twisted Treeline Spectator videos that you can find on my 3v3’s dedicated YouTube Channel: WillieTheWhale. The games are primarily recorded from the European (EUW and EUNE), American (NA), Korean (KR) and Brazilian (BR) server.

Apart from some of the older videos, all players in both teams are usually Diamond 3 and up, meaning that they are either High diamond, Master or Challenger.

In the description of the video you will find (a) link(s) to the runes used by the player(s) in the game.

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