Keep track of your total Cryptocurrency investments with this free Excel sheet!

It's like Live Blockfolio, but in the form of an Excel Worksheet!

How to use the sheet

The video on the right shows how you can use this sheet. Keep in mind that the video showcases the first version of the excel sheet.

To see all the functions of the sheet in the current state, please review the screenshots below.

Additional features of the sheet in its current state:

  • Adding investment
  • Calculating profits
  • Collecting altcoin addresses
  • Selecting USD as your currency
  • Supporting US users (that use a point to indicate decimal numbers).

Requests or questions can be posted under this video.

Click screenshot to enlarge

  • Includes all 1300 altcoins
  • Supports Bitcoin
  • 54 Physical currencies
  • Check the current value of all coins in one click
  • Easy to use
  • Clean design
  • Total value of all your coins combined
  • Keep track of the value of your investment over time, using the graph.
  • Check your profit by entering your investment transactions
  • Collect your addresses and copy them with one click!
  • Not pass-word protected, you can view what's going on and edit the sheet to your liking.

This sheet was released 19 December 2017, I'm still working on adding new features and making it better overall!


You can download two versions, the US and EU version. The difference between the two regards the way your PC separates whole from decimal numbers.

Download this version if (in Excel) you use a comma "," to separate whole from decimal numbers.

Download this version if (in Excel) you use a dot/point "." to separate whole from decimal numbers.

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